It's for you, it's your glory... now go get it!

Work Hard, Play Harder

You work hard enough, but now you've just found that precious hour for yourself... You're finally able to prioritise that 'me' time. You want to get into some training for the first time ever, or return to those former 'glory days'. You might remember those great times when you couldn't breathe and had to take a few minutes on your back; it was hell, but you wouldn't change it for the world.

Now it's time to develop new skills and techniques alongside any old ones you loved so much. We put an emphasis on getting the best out of you, pushing you to your 100% and nobody elses. Progress with the other "Play Harders" and develop your place here in our fitness family.

First time?

Join us for a free class.

Download our free app, book in to an evening POD or morning TRX, and choose 'Pay at Desk'.

Arrive a little early
Introduce yourself, we'll know you're coming through the magic of technology. We'll have a chat with you and discuss the layout, what to expect, the "what if's" and address any concerns or 'niggles' you may have. We've been in this business a long time and will work with you through injuries, strains, niggles or concerns. Trust us when we say you're in good hands.

What do I need to bring?
Just shorts, comfortable t-shirt, runners and a bottle of water.

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Continue Training

Ah, well done you! You're now (back) up and running (pardon the pun!) Oh it's a burn! It's a deep burn! It's...... Beautiful!

You're unstoppable, you're on a roll, you're smashing it.... You already feel great and have a whole new outlook on yourself and your training.

What's that class...? Is it any use? Course it is! Why not try it... Go on, have a bash at some Functional for the overall muscle workout, the HIIT or Kettlebells for the metabolic blast and Spin for some cardio. Mix it all up, cook for a week and boom! You've got yourself a regime!

Want to make it as cost effective as possible? Check out the RAD and VIP memberships, they're best suited to the new you.

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Reach Viking Level

You're starting to make progress and begining to feel full control of your body again. Bodyweight is down, mobility is up, looking and feeling lean. It's time to try a heavier kettlebell in class. Get a little competitive, can you do the same number of push-ups as the Viking in class beside you?

If so, ask if you're ready to join us for a Viking Training Metcon session. MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) focuses on building muscle and shredding bodyfat. This session is for the aspiring Vikings out there. You'll be expected to push hard and you'll reap the rewards. Not for beginners. Seriously. Not even for intermediates!

What is Viking Training?

Learn To Make It last

You've 'been there, done that' but *insert life obstacle here* managed to get in the way. You want to get back to your former glory and push beyond. Supplement your classes with a one-on-one training program designed specifically for you and your goals.

Personal training will fast-track you to a permenant state of fitness, for life. Learn the best training programmes, correct techniques, and nutrition whether playing with your with kids or being able to best enjoy a ski trip next winter.

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Donal Skehan - TV Chef & Author

“I’ve tried a few gyms over the years. TonedFit is easily the best and most enjoyable.”

Conor Mullen - Actor