Can You Reach Viking Level?

Chop off my arm... Yeah, I'm still gonna lift

Are you hardcore? Do you give up easily when you're tired, dizzy, nauseous? If yes, then you're on the wrong page.

We train hard. Harder than hard. We sprint hills with sandbags on our shoulders. We endlessly smash tyres with 12kg hammers. We lift our bodyweight repeatedly above our heads... And thats just the warm up.

We regularly get cut, sick, bruised, battered... but we don't stop until we hear 'TIME!'. We keep going, cold sweating, pushing, repeating, lifting, repeating until we're told to stop. The finish line is when it's all done and then we lie on the floor, grinning through the pain, knowing we've just been through a battle.

And what's more, we love it. And we do it, several times a week, week in, week out. We go to war. You? You're not able for it.

Think you're a Viking?

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“Always going the extra mile to work with you in a results orientated way.”

Donal Skehan - TV Chef & Author

“I’ve tried a few gyms over the years. TonedFit is easily the best and most enjoyable.”

Conor Mullen - Actor