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It's time to get back to the gym to re-find your fitness, your strength and your body and get the most out of life. Maybe you've been fit all your life but the last few years of raising a young family has left little time to concentrate on your own body? Maybe you've never really been into the fitness thing but now that you have kids you've more motivation than ever to be in peak condition...

Maybe you just want to shed the pounds and be fighting fit and gorgeous to start the next chapter of your life after babies...? Black Tie Event.... Bring it on! Whatever your motivation, you've come to the right place. We'll push you (gently) to your limits to get the maximum effects for you in the shortest time.

First time coming to TonedFit?

So it's your first time in a while since training? First time ever doing something like this? No problem, we've got you covered.

Pick a free class
Have a read of the class information and see what suits you best. Right, chosen the class and book in on our app (choose 'Pay At Desk' for free)? Perfect. Now it's time to get yourself up a few minutes earlier than the start time.

Arrive a little early
This will allow you to get your bearings and meet your trainer. We'll be aware, through the magic of technology, that you're coming and that you're new to us.

What do I need to bring?
Leggings/shorts, t-shirt, runners, bottle of water (you can buy them here, or we've a free fountain to top your own up), and plans for afterwards with your workout buddies.

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Continued Tough Love

First Session Back Completed? Check. Realisation that you're not as bad as you thought you'd be? Check. Got the DOMS? Definetly Check! (BTW that means, 'Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness'!). Congratulations, the ball is now well and truly rolling! Now it's time to keep it moving...

Get yourself booked in for the next session... maybe the other class you had your eye on... After all, the last one wasn't as bad as you expected!

Nutrition? Yep, it's time to start looking at that too... it's 70% in the fridge, 30% in the gym. Not sure where to start on that front? Not to worry, bend our ear after a session or get yourself booked in for a nutritional consultation

For best results, we recommend you attend 2-3 sessions a week of High Intensity Cardio combined with resistance (HIIT, Functional, TRX for example) and we'd be pretty confident you'll see a big difference within 4-6 weeks. The best membership that will enable you to do this would be the RAD or VIP.

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Reach Viking Level

You're starting to make progress and begining to feel full control of your body again. Bodyweight is down, mobility is up, looking and feeling lean. It's time to try a heavier kettlebell in class. Get a little competitive, can you do the same number of push-ups as the Viking in class beside you?

If so, ask if you're ready to join us for a #vikingtraining Metcon session. MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) focuses on building muscle and shredding bodyfat. This session is for the aspiring Vikings out there. You'll be expected to push hard and you'll reap the rewards. Not for beginners. Seriously. Not even for intermediates!

What is Viking Training?

Drop bodyfat, tone up

Do you want to the get the best return on investing in your health, fitness and wellbeing? Do you want to maximise your time to yield the best physical return? Then you might consider working with your own personal trainer outside of, or around, classes.

By training with a personal trainer you can ensure you're developing in the correct manner and also understand the "why's" of your program. Improve your technique and correct your form. Tone muscle, drop bodyfat, target those stubborn areas all with the guidance and understanding of a personal trainer.

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“Always going the extra mile to work with you in a results orientated way.”

Donal Skehan - TV Chef & Author

“I’ve tried a few gyms over the years. TonedFit is easily the best and most enjoyable.”

Conor Mullen - Actor