Unleash The Beast!


You're a train alone type of person, a lone wolf.... or working in a pack. You know what you like, you're working from experience. Then get yourself under a damn bar, Now!

Get the most from your sessions by maintaining and improving the greatest machine you'll ever own. Push, Pull, Twist and Tear it to a point of exhaustion. Go home, eat, sleep, return and repeat.

First time?

First time on the hunt? We hear you! We've been there, we know what it's like starting out. Just make sure you start out right.
Have you got a program? Is it the right one for you? Are you sure of all the exercises in it? The correct form, posture, load transfer, technique?
Not sure? Not to worry... drop us a mail or talk to us in person and we can advise before you run with the pack.

Get Help Unleashing the Beast

Get Ripped

Getting ripped isn't as easy as you'd think. It takes patience, application and a hell of a lot of sacrifice.
Think 'professional athlete' only without the paycheck at the end of the month. The commitment is the same except you're doing it for the love.

Nutrition plays a huge role in the shredding process. Whether it's definition or size you're after you'll be amazed at how much of the background is nutrition oriented.
Talk to us. We know our food, inside and out, and quite the opposite to dinner, we don't mind sharing!

The best memberships for Unleashing the Beast would be the GOOD or VIP packages.

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Reach Viking Level

You're starting to make that progress...begining to feel full control of your body and training again. Definition is showing, Gainz are up, looking and feeling larger. It's time to try a heavier deadlift. Possibly start super-setting. Get a little competitive, can you do the same number of chins as the Viking lifting beside you?

If so, ask if you're ready to join us for a #vikingtraining Metcon session. MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) focuses on building muscle and shredding bodyfat.
This session is for the aspiring Vikings out there. You'll be expected to push hard and you'll reap the rewards. Not for beginners. Seriously. Not even for intermediates!

What is Viking Training?

Learn To Make It last

We know our stuff. Hell we're ripped and we've made a career out of it too!

We know what to lift, How to lift, When to lift and Why we lift. Do you?

Learn from us, we love sharing the knowledge. We'll go through every facet of your desired goals and ensure that you not only have the correct program but what to eat around it, when to eat and why you do it all.

Listen to us. Apply knowledge ...Fast Forward 8 weeks... Look in mirror. Shredded!

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“Always going the extra mile to work with you in a results orientated way.”

Donal Skehan - TV Chef & Author

“I’ve tried a few gyms over the years. TonedFit is easily the best and most enjoyable.”

Conor Mullen - Actor